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My Bookkeeper's Assistant©
Chief Financial Officers, Inc. utilizes our own product, My Bookkeeper's Assistant©, to improve our bookkeeping services by assisting clients in streamlining their record keeping systems. This Managing for Profit System© is also available to companies that are not Chief Financial Officers' clients; it can mean the difference between meeting IRS reporting requirements and having a real headache when April rolls around.
 The Purpose of My Bookkeeper's Assistant Is Two-fold:                               

A. Provide an easy means for the collection and storage of clients' financial records used in the client write-up process.
B. Give small businesses a comprehensive filing system that puts their financial records and reports at their fingertips.                                                    
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My Bookkeeper's Assistant Is Comprised of the Following Items:
  • The Box - A Portable Filing System 
  • The Binder - A Financial Information & Reports Binder

This simplified, powerful record keeping system ensures all your business-related documentation is in one location that's easy to navigate. No more fumbling around to find receipts, licenses, permits or other information relevant to your company. The same goes for your company's financial history; it'll all be in one place, so you can quickly get your hands on it when required.


 Here's Whats In The Box:  Here's Whats In The Binder:
The Box
This portable filing system is divided into four major sections: current month data, prior month data, historical data and major business documents. Each section contains manila file folders inside hanging file folders divided as follows:

The Binder
This view binder, customized for small businesses, is divided into two sections: overview and financial reports. The reports section is partitioned by dividers that are labeled to provide quick access to appropriate financial reports and information.

1. Current Month Section

  • Bank Statements
  • Bills-Paid
  • Credit Card Charges & Statements
  • Check Registers
  • Deposit Slips
  • Bills-Unpaid
  • Sales Invoices

1. Overview Section

  • Frontispiece

  • Foreword

  • Table of Contents

  • System Overview

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Examples of Tax-Deductible Expenses

  • Tax Calendar

  • Business Plan Development Tool

  • General Instructions

2. Prior Month Section
Current month financial data is transferred to this section at the end of each month. It contains the same files as the Current Month Section except the Bills-Unpaid file.

3. Historical Date Section
This section is comprised of individual monthly files labeled January through December. Monthly records including check registers and paid bills are filed in this section, along with the completion of monthly bookkeeping tasks.

4. Major Business Documents

  • Business Licenses

  • Insurance Policies

  • Tax Documents 

2. Financial Records Section
  • Balance Sheet

  • Profit and Loss Statement

  • General Ledger & Trial Balance

  • Bank Statements

  • Check Registers & Bank Reconciliations






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"I had gone without proper accounting software for years before meeting Robert. I learned through him the need and simplicity for a better system. I have made more money now and am grateful for Roberts expetise."

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